In 1995 MGM made a film, which starred Naomi Watts as our beloved Jet Girl.  But, for inexplicable reasons they decided to name the film Tank Girl after a supporting character of the same name.

This strange twist of circumstance is typical in today's world, where the real heroes are maybe not as visible and glamorous as we would like them to be.  They're too busy making things happen to worry about appearances and taking credit.  Well, we're here to set the record straight and give credit where credit is due.  It was in fact Jet Girl who rose to greatness in this film, and saved the world from the evil clutches of Kesslee and his Department of Water & Power.

Jet Girl at home in the cockpit.

Explaining to Tank Girl how to steal a tank.

Relaxing on the tank she stole.

Jet doesn't make a fool out of herself.

Not falling for the first mutant she meets.

Eating with Dee Tee, the leader of the Rippers. Notice Jet isn't playing at praying.

Jet gets in tight with the Rippers.  They will come in handy later!

Jet takes charge!  Notice who is holding the gun.

Jet still standing despite failure.

Who really drives Tank Girl's tank?

Jet leads tank and Tank Girl.

Jet Girl operating the controls to her advanced radio-controlled jet.

Jet Girl making plans and leading the Rippers into battle.

Controlling the situation.

Jet celebrates the hard-earned rain!

Jet poses in her functional desert clothing.

Using a cast member as a chair, and entertaining love-offerings.

Quietly plotting her next success.

Created by Clockwork.